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Linking Test Scores and Teachers

Posted in Fact and Law by andrewfong on August 10, 2009

Under the “Race to the Top” guidelines, California may be ineligible for federal money because of a law pushed by the teachers’ union that prohibits the state from linking together student test scores and teacher performance. While there are a lot more issues at stake here than just test scores — e.g. state vs. local control seems to be an issue here — I’m not sure there’s anything inherently wrong with using student test scores to evaluate teachers.


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How the AP et al can make money

Posted in Fact and Law by andrewfong on August 8, 2009

Dear AP et al,

So prompted by this and this in response to this and this, I feel obligated to suggest one way for you all can make money off of your content without being complete dicks. The basic issue is that you don’t want “unauthorized use”, which, as far as I can tell, means “stop copying and pasting our stuff — we wanted you to pay pay for that”. Your solution is, as far as I can tell, to use DRM to track how your content is used.

In other words, you plan to sue people who copy and paste. Well, good luck with that.

Now if you’re done being silly, riddle me this: what exactly is the problem with people copying and pasting and forwarding your content? If I worked in marketing and if that happened to something I wrote, I’d strip down naked and run around the office screaming, “We’ve gone viral! We’ve gone V-I-R-A-L!” Then I would buy a new car.